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Watercolour: UPPER KANANASKIS by Brent Laycock
  • Label: Signal Hill Music Works SHMW-CD-001
  • Released: February, 2001
  • Total Time: 67:50

This CD will be of particular interest to Piano Teachers and advanced students who may be interested in teaching or learning works by Canadian Composers. EIGHTEEN of the CD's twenty-three tracks are listed in the Toronto Conservatory Syllabus, and TWENTY of the CD's twenty-three tracks are listed in the Conservatory Canada Syllabus. The recording contains the following works:

  • Hommage Maurice Dela
  • "V": Valse Chromatique S. C. Eckhardt-Gramatte
  • Music For Piano Alexina Louie
  • Trois Pieces Pour la Legende Doree Clermont Pepin
  • Deuxieme Suite Rhene Jaque
  • Six Preludes Violet Archer
  • Deux Etudes de Sonorite Francois Morel
  • Strangeness of Heart Harry Somers
  • Ballerina Robert Fleming
  • Scherzo Oskar Morawetz

A Canadian Piano Album was nominated for a PRAIRIE MUSIC AWARD - 2001 - in the category of Outstanding Classical Recording.


(From The Winnipeg Free Press -June 30, 2001 - James Manishen, reviewer)

"Canadian piano alive, well on Reiser album"

"This feels like a stimulating album even before you put it on: A thoughtfully chosen program, intelligent notes and lovely booklet art. Then Allen Reiser starts his work and the expectation is nicely fulfilled."

"Reiser is a young Calgary pianist with a head, heart and facility of honest and high accomplishment. Under his command, the 10 pieces on display would well convince any outsider that Canadian piano music is fertile ground for discovery."

(From The Canadian Music Teacher - Winter Edition, 2001 - Susan deBurgh, reviewer)

"A Canadian Piano Album - Allen Reiser, pianist"

"Allen Reiser's recent CD release "A Canadian Piano Album" is a welcome addition to the resources that performers and teachers can draw upon for inspiration and guidance."

"Reiser's glittering rendition of "V": Valse delivered with charm and panache."

"Reiser ably projects the driving rhythmical outer movements of the Pepin (Trois Pieces Pour la Legende Doree) but he also creates subtle shadings in the middle movement which many pianists would miss."

"The Jaque (Deuxieme Suite) gives Reiser a chance to display a kaleidoscope of tone colours and remarkably adept pedal effects."

"Veteran piano teachers will be grateful for a convincing performance of "Strangeness of Heart" by Harry Somers and after hearing the delightful "Ballerina" by Robert Fleming, will be making plans to teach this neglected intermediate level gem."

"Reiser's thorough preparation extends to the unusually interesting program notes: They include biographies of the composers, background information on the selections, and illuminating quotes from the composers themselves.... The integrity of Allen Reiser's playing shines throughout each performance on this CD. Bravo!

(From APTA News & Views - Fall, 2002 - Dale Wheeler, reviewer)

"CD Corner"

"A Canadian piano Album provides a welcome addition to the piano teacher's library...a cornucopia of works by some of Canada's most renowned composers... If for no other reason, the album is worth owning just for the copious liner notes which Mr. Reiser provides."

"Canadian content and pedagogical considerations aside, this album is worthy of recommendation simply because it contains superb piano playing. Allen brings to each interpretation a conviction and clarity that only comes from the experience of teaching and performing the works. Comparing various recordings of these pieces....I had listened to every other version (of the Morel Études), including recordings by André Laplante and Mario Bernardi, and found that it was Allen Reiser's traversal which, for me, captures the essence of the work."

"Many otherwise fine recordings are marred by poor sonics. Such is not the case here. The engineer did an excellent job of capturing the Steinway in Mount Royal College's Wright Theatre. The ambience of the hall is nicely balanced with the richness and immediacy of the piano's tone."

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